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Lalluram: A True Story of Media and Corruption in Hindi HD 720p

Lalluram Movie Review

Lalluram is a Hindi drama movie directed by Amol Dwivedi and released in 2018. The movie stars Newton Lukka and Ruchi Tiwari as two journalists who expose a political scam involving a corrupt minister and his son. The movie is based on a true story and aims to show the power of media and journalism in fighting against injustice and corruption.

Lalluram Movie In Hindi Download 720p Hd

If you are looking for a realistic and gripping movie that tackles a relevant social issue, Lalluram might be a good choice for you. In this review, I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the movie, as well as compare it with other similar movies. I will also give my personal opinion and recommendation on whether you should watch it or not.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a scene where Lalluram (Newton Lukka), a young reporter working for a local newspaper in Uttar Pradesh, witnesses a brutal murder of a farmer by some goons hired by a powerful minister named Jugnulal (Mohan Joshi). Lalluram manages to capture the incident on his camera and decides to expose it to the public.

However, he faces many obstacles and threats from Jugnulal and his son Ranjeet (Ranjeet Bedi), who are involved in a scam that siphons off funds meant for farmers' welfare. Lalluram also meets Anjali (Ruchi Tiwari), an investigative journalist working for a national channel, who is also interested in uncovering the truth behind Jugnulal's crimes.

The two journalists join forces and risk their lives to expose Jugnulal's scam and bring him to justice. Along the way, they also develop feelings for each other and face personal challenges and dilemmas.

Analysis and Evaluation


One of the strengths of Lalluram is its realistic portrayal of the plight of farmers in India and the corruption that plagues the system. The movie does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of poverty, injustice, violence, and exploitation that many farmers face every day.

The movie also showcases the role of media and journalism in exposing such issues and holding the powerful accountable. The movie depicts how Lalluram and Anjali use their skills, courage, and integrity to uncover Jugnulal's scam and expose it to the public.

Another strength of Lalluram is its acting performances. Newton Lukka delivers a convincing performance as Lalluram, a naive but brave reporter who stands up for what is right. Ruchi Tiwari is equally impressive as Anjali, a smart and determined journalist who supports Lalluram in his mission.

The supporting cast also does a good job in portraying their characters. Mohan Joshi is menacing as Jugnulal, a ruthless politician who will stop at nothing to protect his interests. Ranjeet Bedi is also convincing as Ranjeet, Jugnulal's spoiled b70169992d


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