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solid leadership ability

Thorough guidance without compromise

Each student has different strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and goals. At Kaimeijuku, we encourage each child's growth by providing the optimal guidance for each child. The purpose of our classroom is not only to achieve short-term goals, but also to develop the ability to learn on your own. Student-centered learning is the secret to dramatic growth.

good grades
確かな指導力: 特徴
Math Homework

Leadership that is different from other schools

Until now, most of the private study cram schools in the Tokai area had part-time instructors. At our cram school, only academic instructors from the University of Tokyo class and professional instructors provide instruction. Therefore, although the number of students we recruit is small, we will provide you with high-level teaching skills and study methods.

確かな指導力: ようこそ!
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