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About Atama Plus

アタマプラスとは?: ようこそ!

Atama Plus introduction video


I use my own AI teaching material ``Atama Plus''.

Continuously saying "I understand" and "I can" will increase your motivation.




We will clarify your long-term goals, mid-term goals, and short-term goals, and proceed with your studies while making clear decisions about studying for entrance exams, regular test study, target scores, by when you need to achieve your goals, and how much you should study now. Of course, if this problem alone is insufficient, we will use separate teaching materials or school materials, and optimally plan using AI and professional instructors.


self analysis

Automatically create custom question sets

The AI will go back through the grades to discover weak units that humans alone would not be able to notice, and suggest exercises needed to improve grades. It also automatically creates confirmation tests. By further reviewing the weak units identified by AI in school work and other teaching materials, you will be able to score more than 90% on regular tests.


Achievement rate and units to study

Automatically check understanding level and create units to study

You can see your current level by the number of + marks, and it's easy to see how far you are from your goal. Furthermore, AI will suggest what you should study, in what order, and how much from a huge amount of content, so you won't be confused about how to study. You can decide your pace and goals with a professional instructor, so you can progress without any strain.

アタマプラスとは?: 特徴

Learning progress and understanding management

Optimal environment for professional instructors to easily improve their grades


Real-time learning status

If you skip the explanation or make a mistake, it will be recorded.

8_atama+COACH student details_learning timeline.PNG

Explanation video

It's not just a learning material that you can solve, it also comes with an explanation video. If you don't understand it here, a professional instructor will follow up with you.

Learning scene (junior high school and high school students) (4).jpg


Optimal problem practice with level-based problems that match your goals. I recommend writing down questions and explanations in your notebook.

アタマプラスとは?: コース案内
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