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Windows Live Mail Default Account

If you don't want to continue to receive email from a particular account in the Mail app for Windows 10, you can either delete the account and remove it from the app, or you can turn off email for that account. Deleting or removing an account from either app will also remove any calendar associated with that account.

windows live mail default account

Choose Delete account. If you don't see the Delete account option, you're probably trying to remove the default email account added when you logged on to Windows 10. You can turn off email from this account instead.

If you want to disable email for an account, either because you can't delete the default account or because you only want to use an account for your calendar, you can modify the sync settings for the account.

As soon as you've added more than one email account in Windows Live Mail, it will show a dropdown menu in the new message window, which allows you to select from which email address to send the current message. The "default account" is automatically selected, but others will be possibly be used when you are replying or forwarding messages (see first section, below). The most recent email address you've configured will optionally become the new default, but that's something you can change with just a few clicks. (Screenshot on the left shows how the default From address can be set when you add new email accounts).

When you only have one account setup in Windows Live Mail, it is automatically the default - and selected when you compose a new message or reply to one. When you compose a new (blank) message, the default account will automatically be selected. Just click on another one in the listing to change the "From" email address: this only affects the current message, and future blank emails will still show the default sender automatically selected. Even when you reply to an email (recipient address is pre-selected), you can still change your From address: in other words, the reply can come from a completely different email sender!

In the Accounts dialog Windows Live Mail just opened, you can tell which email address is currently the default (it says "Default" between brackets). Click on the email account you now want as the default From address, and click on the "Set as Default" button: Click Close to return to your emails: you are done! The next message you send will automatically have the new default address pre-selected in the "From" dropdown menu.

I've seen some APIs which can read/write/add account settings in all required email clients, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express. Here is a link to docs: -account-manager/ILkAccountManager.html

The first 3 fields of this window are asking you for the Email Address you are adding and the password for the account. Yes, it is asking you to enter the email address twice. ?

The default mail program is the software that is registered with your operating system as the software that is to handle mailto URL's. When another application wants to send an email, it looks up the default and passes the email to the default mail program.

If your C: drive starts to run out of space, one of the most frustrating experiences can be figuring out what can be deleted or moved to another drive in order to free up storage. This is especially true with modern computers that are commonly configured with small SSD drives as their C: drive, which can easily run out of space due to their smaller storage capacity. If you are using Windows Live Mail it will store your email by default on your C: drive. If you are like me and save almost all of your email, then your Live Mail mail store can grow to a very large size. Thankfully, the program provides the ability to easily change the location where your mail is stored so that you can you move it to another drive that may have more free space available. This tutorial will walk you through changing where your Windows Live Mail e-mail is stored.

According to a report by The Radicati Group on May 9th, 2006, there about 171 billion e-mail messages sent daily, 1.1 billion e-mail users worldwide, and 1.4 billion active e-mail accounts. These numbers are staggering and truly reflect how e-mail has become such an important medium for communicating with friends, family, colleagues, and clients. Though so many of you use e-mail all the time, how ...

How to Move Folders in OutlookIn Microsoft Outlook, you can create a convenient extensive folder structure to organize messages, contacts, calendar events, and other mailbox items. These folders can be moved within and between accounts. This article explains the manual and automatic ways to move folders in your Outlook profile.

To open Windows Live Mail, open the Start menu, and then type ineither all or part of the text windows live mail, and press Enter.If no email accounts have been set up in Windows Live Mail, then whenit opens, it immediately opens the wizard for adding an emailaccount which is described in theAdding an email account sectionlater in the guide.

In Windows Live Mail, provided the messages are sorted by date,there is the option of grouping emails with thesame subject into a conversation. So for example, if you send a messageto a number of people asking their opinion about something, then alltheir replies will be grouped into a conversation, which makes them easierto find. The earliest message in a conversation can be either collapsedor expanded. If it's expanded, then the other messagesin the conversation are shown below this message, in the order in whichthey were received. By default the first message in a conversation iscollapsed, and you can expand or collapse this message by pressingRight Arrow or Left Arrowrespectively.

The Add a Contact dialog opens on its Quick Add page. The first threeedit boxes on this page are for the first and last names and the personalemail address of the contact. Often, this may be the only informationyou want to enter, so after entering this you can just pressEnter to press the default Add contact button. Note thatif you want to enter more information, then the structure of the dialogis very similar to the Edit contact dialog which is described in detailin theEditing contacts section below.

For most of the guide, it's been assumed that in Windows Live Mail,there's just a single email account. If you have more than one account,then one of these is the default account, and setting which accountis the default is described in a section below. The following twosections give additional information about the folder tree and aboutsending messages, which is relevant if you have more than one account.

If you've got more than one mail account, then in a new message window,there's a From combo box which contains a list of your accounts. Thiscombo box occurs immediately before the show/hide Cc Bcc button, and so youcan get to it from the To edit box by pressing Shift + Tabthree times. Most of the time, the combo box is automatically set tothe most appropriate account, and so you don't have to change it. For example:

Note that a ribbon can be minimized, and in this state the controls ofthe active tab (the lower ribbon) are not shown be default. When theribbon is minimized, then the windows keystrokes for using the ribbon areslightly different, and the Jaws virtual ribbon doesn't work properly.By default the ribbons in Windows Live Mail are not minimized, and this is assumed to be the casein the rest of this guide. Whether or not a ribbon is minimized canbe set using the Minimize the ribbon option which appears on the contextmenu of all the controls of a ribbon. In addition, the shortcutCtrl + F1 toggles whether or not a ribbon is minimized.

The Jaws virtual ribbon provides an alternative set of keystrokesfor using the ribbon. The setting for whether to use the Jaws virtualribbon, or the standard windows keystrokes is described in theSetting the Jaws virtual ribbon section.By default, the Jaws virtual ribbon is off.

The following three sections give further guidance for labeling theunread, attachment, and collapsed/expanded graphics. The number ofeach unlabeled graphic depends on the windows theme that you're using.The following information includes the numbers for both the defaultwindows theme and the classic theme, but if you're using a differenttheme then the numbers of unlabelled graphics will be different.

Send yourself an email with an attachment. You may needto press F5 a couple of minutes after you've sent itto download it from the email server. The attachment graphic should bethe second graphic to the left of the first name of the sender. Forboth the default windows 7 theme and the Windows Classic theme, theunlabeled graphic number is 160.

Send yourself an email, and then reply to that email. If you havethe conversation grouping on, then by default conversations are collapsed,and so there should be a single message in the message list correspondingto these two messages. If you press Right Arrow thisexpands the conversation, and the second message should then appear belowthe first message. If you then select and first message again, and pressLeft Arrow, this collapses the conversation.

Once your account is added you can go back to the Scan to Email button which will look like a typical scan. After it finishes scanning and you press save and choose a file name, then it should open up Windows Live Mail and already be attached to an email. At this point you should be able to enter a destination, subject, and body and send it out.

It always opens up in Windows live mail ,I did add my gmail addy but its still sending from Windows Mail.What I am doing is sending the scan to my gmail address then forwarding it to the intended mail recipient.In the interests of meeting deadlines I will have to do it this way (for today at least) Thanks AGAIN for all your help


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