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Goose Patch Berry Recipes [TOP]

Gooseberry Patch encourages customers to submit recipes, some of which are selected for inclusion in Gooseberry Patch recipe books. Since 1992, over 200 cookbooks have been published with nearly 9.0 million sold. Crowdsourcing or peer production, both relatively new terms, have been an integral part of the cookbook production since 1992.[citation needed]

Goose Patch Berry Recipes

Looking for a tasty gooseberry recipe? This is it! Juicy, tart gooseberries with a buttery, crispy topping makes this gooseberry crumble an easy dessert that will disappear fast! Enjoy with ice cream or as is!

To complicate things further, if you want something with a tart flavor, you can pluck immature fruits starting several weeks before they ripen. Basically, gooseberry harvest time is anytime the fruits are on the bush!

For those folks unfamiliar with Sierra Gooseberries, species Ribies roezlii, they are the porcupines of the gooseberry family in the Cascade and Sierra mountains of NorCal. The spines on these berries are hard, tough thorns! To pick these berries I armed my kids with long-handled tongs and long- sleeved jackets, for the branches of the gooseberry shrub are armed with their own thorny defenses. I, myself, used thick leather gloves to pick the berries. After picking a fair amount we would head home to make something tasty out of the berries.

Back then there was no internet to search for Sierra goose- berry recipes so at first it was trial and error on how to process the prickly berries into something tasty. Eventually we found a successful process for making a sweet and tangy syrup for use on hotcakes.

First, I washed the spiny berries using a garden hose; yep, and with a spray nozzle! Then I would steam them in a large stainless steel pot until they were close to bursting. After this I strained the berry pulp through a metal colander using a potato masher. This worked well and the berry skins and spines were discarded. Sugar was added to taste, and the sauce was simmered until a desired thickness was achieved. We either canned the sauce, or froze it. Our gooseberry sauce had a wonderful and unique taste and we just loved it on corn-bread pancakes. I never did write down a recipe.

As the years rolled along, our gooseberry patches were slowly overcome by other larger shrubs and pine trees. The kids lost interest in going out with dad to hunt for new berry patches and eventually so did I.

This last spring I did find an area out in the woods, with enough Sierra gooseberry shrubs in full bloom to provide a nice hopeful harvest. I went back frequently and took photos. In the middle of August they were close to red-ripe! I eagerly returned a week later with gloves and tongs for a long awaited harvest.

In answer to our recent plea for a recipe for gooseberry pie, we received no less than 35 letters, all assuring us there is a large army of gooseberry pie lovers still alive in the nation, and most of them enclosing their favorite recipes.

Another who remembers gooseberries with both fondness and loathing is Mrs. C. R. Willard of Lebanon, Missouri: The gooseberry story in my family goes back 75 years. My parents moved to a river farm on the Gasconade. There were wild Ozark gooseberries growing in the river bottom. Mother set out 30 gooseberry bushes in our barn lot.

The humble gooseberry is not the first of the British summerfruits that springs to mind, but it is the first of the season, and I think it shouldbe celebrated just as much as the strawberry or blackcurrant.

The gooseberry is one of 150 species of the Ribesgenus, which also includes the smaller and daintier black, red and whitecurrants.They can be found growing wild in patches of scrub all over Britain, so keep aneye out wherever you see such areas on walks, there may be a hidden gooseberryplant (I have my own a secret patch). Gooseberry shrubs are typically three forfour feet high, and as any gooseberry forager knows, somewhat spikey.

Though looked over now, gooseberries were extremely popular andhave been cultivated in Britain since al least the Fifteenth Century. They wereimportant because they were the first soft fruit of the summer, cropping wellas far north as the Shetland and Orkney Islands. In the Midlands and NorthernEngland they were revered, a tradition of competitive growing quickly developing.There was a single aim in these competitions: to grow the heaviest berry. Theseclubs were widespread and at one point there was 170 growing clubs, a handfulstill exist today in Yorkshire and Cheshire. To achieve heavy berries, by theway, you must strip your shrub of berries as soon as they appear, leavingbehind a dozen so that the plant can put all its energy into growing just a fewfruits.

Gooseberry compote is very useful; it can be served simply with ice cream for a quick dessert, or baked in the oven as a pie, crumble or cobbler. A classic dessert is gooseberry fool, simply compote folded into lightly whipped, sweetened cream, or even better a mixture of custard and whipped cream.

I would like to win this book, and for my mom, because she loves the Gooseberry Patch books and they always have great recipes. She eats no carbs and gets her happiness from baking any and everything that you could possibly imagine, yea yea poor me !! haha

I LOVE Gooseberry Patch cookbooks! I have quite a few of them, but not this one...yet! They always have the good, old-fashioned, home cooking that I love! None of that "foo foo" food. Just good, comforting, stick-to-the-ribs recipes!

I have been collecting Gooseberry Patch books for years. Each year for the holidays, I pull them out to get recipes and ideas for that year. I have started giving books to our married daughter for her own collection, she loves them too.

Properly prepared, gooseberries are a gorgeous summer treat, redolent of a beautiful British summer day. Gooseberry Fool is one of my favourite summer desserts. Gooseberry jam is also absolutely delicious, and I will happily abandon my healthy eating resolutions for a good gooseberry pie.

Raw gooseberries can then be cooked whole in pies and crumble recipes just like blueberries. Alternatively you can gently stew or poach them on the stove top and use them in fools like this, or stir them through yogurt or porridge.

Gooseberry Fool is pretty easy to make, and the only labour intensive part is topping and tailing the gooseberries (see the preparation section above). The thing I love about this kind of dessert is that you can make it ahead of time and have it ready to serve in the fridge for stress free entertaining.

I think that Gooseberry Jam is a rather magical jam. Fresh gooseberries can be quite tart to eat, but sharp-tasting fruits definitely make the best jam. I love how the green gooseberries, sugar, and water turn into pots of delicious glowing amber-pink sweet spread.

I think it has a light fresh taste, sweet enough but with a little zing. While I love the intense sweetness of strawberry or apricot jam, the slight sharpness of the gooseberries cuts through the sugar to bring that fresh taste. If I compare it to a wine, then Gooseberry jam is more of a fresh sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio sort of jam.

It's such a beautiful colour Janice. I haven't had gooseberry jam in years, but it was always my favourite. We planted a load of gooseberries last year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day I will have enough to make jam.

Gooseberry!!! I had to translate it with google translator, because I didn't know the correct Italian word for it! ? My Grandmother used to have a small plant in her garden, and when I was a child I used to pick it up, but didn't like the flavour! it's a pity, now that I'd like to use it or to eat it we no more have that little plant! Here in my area it's also difficult to find it to vegetable shops!Thanx for sharing your jam recipes, in case I could find it, I really would like to try it!Simona

You haven't specified what kind of sugar you have to add. Can I simply add sugarfree pills to it if I have to serve this gooseberry jam to a diabetic patient? Waiting for the response. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe.

Gooseberries come in many flavors and colorsA fully ripened dessert variety of gooseberry is as luscious as the best apple, strawberry, or grape. In fact, the flavor of gooseberry was considered much like that of grapes in 17th century England, to the extent that gooseberries were raised commercially for fermenting into a delicate summer wine.

The gooseberry bush itself has arching branches that give it a height and spread of 3 to 5 feet. The flowers are self-fertile and open early in the season, but are inconspicuous. Best production is on stems 1 to 4 years old. Gooseberries can be accommodated throughout much of the northern half of the United States if plants are mulched heavily to keep their roots cool, given some shade where summers are torrid, and irrigated where natural rainfall is deficient.

Plant gooseberry bushes 4 to 6 feet apart, the precise distance depending on the vigor of the variety and the richness of your soil. Since gooseberry plants are impatient to grow in spring, I set bare-root plants in the ground either in the fall, using plenty of mulch, or as early as possible in spring.

Another way of growing a gooseberry plant is as a standard, or small tree. Standards look tidy, are decorative, and keep fruits off the ground. There is, however, the risk of losing a whole plant should its single trunk be damaged.

Powdery mildew is the most serious disease of gooseberries, ruining the fruit overnight on susceptible plants when days are clear, nights are cool, and spores are present. Powdery white patches, which eventually turn dark gray, develop on leaves and fruits. Much of the effort in gooseberry breeding in the 20th century has been directed, and successfully, toward developing mildew-resistant varieties.

Two insect pests that require attention are the imported currantworm and the gooseberry fruitworm. I grew gooseberries for almost two decades without seeing either pest, or even mildew. But all three problems eventually found their way into my garden as I brought in new plants from around the country. 041b061a72


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