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開明塾 予約サイト 塾長やましーグループ

公開·4 保護者様・生徒様及び講師
Tikhon Petrov
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On June 7th, a case of acute pleuritis occurred, occasioned by the inhaler. The patient recovered in a week after an operation. He appeared, after the operation, to suffer a little from headache. The operation was performed at 4:55, and the chloroform 5 fluid ounces. soporific crack

On June 9th, the haemorrhage and syncope occurred, which produced the extrication of the patient at 7:30. About 4:50, he suffered an attack of diarrhoea, and drank a pint of beer. He was very feverish, and vomited a good deal of blood. Dr. Stevenson performed an operation at 11:45. I felt quite sick and weak after the operation, and the whole of my head was very bad. On the following day, my stomach was bilious, and I suffered severe pains in the face and stomach. I was then put on the following medicine a cathartic, two scruples tincture of benzoate of soda, a capsule of rhubarb, and a pill of calomel. This treatment continued for 15 days, during which time the diarrhoea went away. From this I recovered much, and the weakness of the head and stomach soon disappeared. The diarrhoea and biliousness recurred, and the complaint assumed a constitutional character. I had not the slightest sickness on June 10th, when I took the chloroform. My head was weak and bad, but I did not suffer sickness.

On June 3rd, a large young man, aged about 25 years, had a sudden syncope after taking a small amount of chloroform, inhaled in the manner recommended. He was brought to the hospital, and his head was bandaged. He recovered consciousness after remaining insensible for about half an hour. He appeared cheerful, and had no sickness or bad feeling after the operation. The operation took place at 4:55, and the chloroform was 5 fluid ounces.


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