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Tikhon Petrov
Tikhon Petrov

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The first traces of P2P go back to the beginnings of the internet, which was originally laid out as a P2P system in which every user is an equal participant. In 1969, the so called ARPANET used P2P to share computing resources between the UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah. 10 years later it was established in the Usenet, which was developed by students from the University of North Carolina and Duke University to exchange files and messages through an operation system called Unix.13

Download File Belle And Sebastian - Late Develo...

In 1998, the 18 year old American computer science student Shawn Fanning developed Napster39, a software with which the up-and-coming MP3 files could be exchanged through the internet in a quick and uncomplicated way. This first ever P2P file sharing network was inspired by the chat-system IRC, more precisely by how it exchanged information in an equal and simultaneous manner. After finishing the software in May 1999, Fanning (together with his uncle) founded the company Napster Inc. and distributed the first version to his friends and other students.40 Even though no money was invested in advertisement, Napster started to spread like a wildfire. In October, already 4 million songs were in circulation and a few weeks after the turn of the millennium, the software reached 20 million users worldwide.41 And the numbers kept rising: By summer of 2000, the network had around 50 to 80 million users (estimates vary)42 and 14.000 songs were downloaded every minute43. According to the former audience measurement service Media Metrix, every user downloaded around 127 songs each.44 Napster became so popular among students, that it was banned on several campuses because the high number of downloads clogged their university's network.45 041b061a72


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