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Teacher Assisting a Student

Testimonials from successful candidates

成績アップの声: 成績アップの声

At first, I was told at school that I would not be able to get into the nursing department of my desired school because my standard score was around 40.
However, I started attending Kaimeijuku, and within three months I was able to raise my score to 58 and was able to get into the school of my choice.


Due to the cost, I was unable to attend a prep school, so I was aiming to enter a prestigious university. I felt that it would be difficult to do it on my own, so I talked to Mr. Yamashii about my family circumstances, and based on that, I decided to go with the most suitable plan, and with his help with self-study and motivation management, I was able to successfully get into the school of my choice.


I was attending Nichinoken in conjunction with the aim of getting into a difficult private junior high school. I thought I was in trouble because I couldn't pass the exam at Nichinoken, so I started attending Kaimeijuku. When I was at my lowest point, when I was told that I couldn't go on like this, the person who really supported me was Yamashi-sensei. Even when it came to difficult questions in math and science, he explained them in detail so that they were easy to understand, and he gave me key points, so I was able to pass the exam without any problems. He used to be scary, but now he's a very kind teacher.


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