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Is there a classification?

None. Due to the small group size and completely individualized instruction, we are only accepting applications for a total of 12 students.

Can I use the study room at any time?

It can be used.
However, due to the small number of participants, there are not many booths, so there may be times when there are no spaces available.

Can I have a trial class at Kaimeijuku?

We accept it.
However, since this will be an exclusive instructor, parents are welcome to come after class or at a later date to explain the cram school to them.

Are online classes available?

We are compatible. Classes are held via Zoom, so even those who live far away can attend.
You can also experience online classes, so please feel free to contact us.

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Is there a grade guarantee or a pass guarantee?

It is possible to create courses.
Guarantees can be made because parents are meant to buy peace of mind. However, like other cram schools, we have to decide on the number of classes and seminars, so the tuition fee will be higher.
Our school aims to improve your grades and get you into the school of your choice without wasting money, so we do not recommend it.

Can I take mock exams/qualification exams?

Yes, you can. However, there are some mock exams that are cheaper if you take them at your school, so in that case, please apply at your school.


It is not mandatory. For regular students, over 90% of students have improved their grades even without taking the course, so we leave it up to the students and their parents. The course is just something that the cram school wants to collect extra tuition fees from, so if you are attending another cram school, please consider whether it is really necessary. It may be necessary for those who don't really study during a long vacation. However, if you really don't study, you may want to reconsider going to a cram school because it is difficult to get good grades even if you go to cram school.

Can you accommodate children who cannot ask questions or who are not attending school?

We accept it. Students may find themselves burdened with various worries. We will also explain things you didn't learn at school from scratch.
I think not being able to ask questions is due to embarrassment or personality issues.
Please rest assured that we will provide guidance tailored to your child.

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Do you have teaching materials or tablet materials?

Yes. However, if you have a commercially available one or one used at your previous cram school or a cram school you are using, you may use that.
Please rest assured that we can accommodate any teaching material.
We have also introduced education using atama+ (AI) for tablet teaching materials, so if you would like to use it, please apply.

Is it possible to make up classes?

Is possible.
Please enter your desired date and time. However, there are some days when classes are full and it is not possible to make up the class, so there is a possibility that the class will only be held on a day other than your desired date. In that case, we will consult with you in each case.

When should I tell them I want to quit the school?


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